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Larimer County Bridge Weight Limits

The Engineering Department is responsible for ensuring that bridges incapable of supporting legal highway loads are properly posted. All Larimer County bridges are inspected every two years. The following table details the bridges which are posted as of July, 2015.

For information regarding these structures please contact the Engineering Department (970-498-5713).

Bridge Weight Limit Map showing the posted bridge locations.


Map No. Road No. Bridge No. Load (Tons) I II III Feature Intersected
1 3 LR3-0.2-50   21 33 34 Larimer County Canal
2 17 LR17-0.0-70 25       North Poudre Canal
3 18 LR18-0.4-23E 10       Handy Ditch
4 25E LR25E-1.3-52E 25       Pleasant Valley & Lake Canal
5 43H LR43H-0.1-45B   22  34  35  Little Thompson River
6 45E LR45E-0.2-S287   12 20 20 Dale Creek
7 45E LR45E-0.4-S287   23 35 36 No Name Creek
8 45E LR45E-1.0-S287   10 16 16 Dale Creek Tributary
9 45E LR45E-1.3-S287   25 39 41 Dale Creek Tributary
10 54E LR54E-0.7-27E 25       Pleasant Valley & Lake Canal
11 56 LR56-1.1-I25 25       Larimer County Canal
12 63E LR63E-4.7-44H   26 41 41 Little Beaver Creek
13 80C LR80C-2.6-59 25       North Fork Cache La Poudre River
14 103 LR103-6.8-S14   24 37 38 Laramie-Poudre Canal
15 Moodie LRB9-1544BTC Closed       Big Thompson River
16 16 16-0.10-21   22 34 34 South Side Ditch


DATE LAST UPDATED:    September, 2016

Larimer County's bridge posting program seeks to make known the safe load carrying capacity of structures which cannot presently withstand the maximum legal load permitted on the highway. The sign restrictions meet federal bridge inspection standards and requirements. To minimize inconvenience and difficulity, truckers are urged to consult a map and this table in planning or predetermining available routes for a particular vehicle and load.

NOTE: This restricted bridge list is not static. As bridges are replaced or rehabilitated, the load limit restrictions may be removed or changed. Also, as existing bridges deteriorate or are damaged, load limit restrictions may have to be placed upon them. It is imperative that all users of this table make certain that they have the latest version. Larimer County will make every effort to keep users informed of any changes but cannot accept responsibility or liability for any user not utilizing the latest version of this document. In all cases, with the possible exception of gross load posting as described below, the weight limit signs posted at Larimer County bridges shall take precedence over this table.

If the 'gross load' field shows a value, it indicates that the bridge is posted for a gross load only. If the 'truck type' fields also show values, it indicates that trucks over the gross load amount may safely cross the structure provided that the truck weight does not exceed the value given for the truck's axle configuration for Type II and Type III vehicles.

Additional information about Colorado legal vehicle dimensions and weight limits can be found at the following state website:

Example Signs

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