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Responsibilities include planning and designing public works projects that include road and bridge, parks, and natural resources improvements; reviewing and enforcing engineering standards; providing surveying, construction, right-of-way, traffic and support engineering; overseeing floodplain administration and improvement district administration; and coordinating right-of-way (utility), special transport, and access permits.

Hot Topics

2014 Traffic Safety Report

Larimer County is releasing the preliminary results of the floodplain study in the Glen Haven area.

Preliminary Floodplain Study Information for the Glen Haven Area

Larimer County is releasing the preliminary results of the floodplain study in the Glen Haven area.

Proposed Floodplain Code Amendments

Larimer County is proposing to change Section 4.2.2 of the Larimer County Land Use Code to allow substantially damaged structures in the floodway to be re-built if damaged by something other than a flood.

County Road 27 Newsletter - December 4, 2014

Larimer County will open County Road 27 for traffic for the first time since the 2013 Flood!

County Road 43 (Drake to Glen Haven) - December 19, 2014

Permanent repairs to the flood damaged roadway will continue through the winter.  Riprap installation to help protect further erosion of slopes is underway.

County Road 47 (Big Elk Meadows) Newsletter - December 11, 2014

Larimer County is working with FEMA to make permanent repairs to CR 44H.  This reconstruction will provide a more flood resilient and safer roadway than what is currently in place.

Pinewood Springs Newletter - December 9, 2014

Construction of the Kiowa Bridge Replacement, Cree Court Bridge, and Seneca Bridge is expected to begin in February 2015.  These projects are estimated to be complete in June, 2015.  An open house meeting to discuss the projects with residents is scheduled for January 7, 2015, at 7 p.m. at the Pinewood Springs Firehouse.

Revisions to Larimer County Urban Area Street Standards

Larimer County together with the cities of Loveland and Fort Collins are in the process of making technical revisions and corrections to portions of the Urban Area Street Standards.  Proposed changes are within Chapter 16 (Pedestrian Facilities), Chapter 22 (Materials and Construction Specifications), Chapter 25 (Reconstruction and Repair, and Appendix A (Standard Drawings).

Shields Street (County Road 17) Corridor Improvements

The County Road 17 corridor from Vine Drive to Willox Lane in northwest Fort Collins has received federal funding for improvements to be constructed in 2015.  Final design and right-of-way acquisition are complete and an Open House meeting is scheduled for November 18, 2014, to explain the project and update residents on the construction process.

CR 29 and CR 22H Flood Repairs

Larimer County will be reconstructing portions of County Road 29 and 22H along the Big Thompson River at the Big Dam.

2013 Flood Information - Roads and Bridges 

Flooding in September, 2013 impacted thousands of County residents.  A major contributor to that impact was the devastating damage to much of the County road system.  Temporary emergency repairs to reestablish access to properties in the affected areas have been ongoing over the winter months.  Plans for permanent repairs are underway. 

New Survey Bench Marks

Larimer County has set two new benchmarks in the Glen Haven and Drake flood damaged areas to help property owners and surveyors doing work in the canyon: 

Road Information Locator (RIL)

Road Information Locator is a software application that gives you the ability to view the county’s roadway assets using a map (road ownership, road maintenance, signs, culverts, traffic count information, crash information, plus much more).

Hiring Summer Engineering Interns

Interviews for the Engineering Intern positions have been completed. Job offers are being prepared.











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