COMPASS As a Resource

How to Reference COMPASS

People are encouraged to use the information provided on COMPASS. When this information is used in publications or proposals, we would appreciate an acknowledgement.

A simple acknowledgement could read:

This information was provided by COMPASS of Larimer County, a service of Larimer County Department of Human Services and United Way of Larimer County.

If this is presented electronically, hyperlink the words COMPASS of Larimer County and avoid printing the web address. If it is in print, please print the web address,

Because COMPASS is intended for grant writers and researchers among others, it is likely that many users will need to reference the information gained from COMPASS in endnotes or a bibliography.

We recommend using American Psychological Association style for electronic references. The specific format you use will depend on the part of COMPASS you are referencing. Measure pages have dates, while the overall site does not. The reports listed in the Executive Summary have a particular author, while the measure pages do not. Larimer County hosts the COMPASSwebsite and staff from United Way of Larimer County performs day-to-day management of the site (including writing the pages). This information may be helpful to you in citing COMPASS appropriately.

Linking to COMPASS

You are encouraged to add a link to COMPASS ( on your website. Please feel free to use the following graphic:

How Is COMPASS Used?

There are numerous ways COMPASS data can be applied. The steering committee's greatest hope was that COMPASS would be used as a springboard to launch whatever ideas people have to improve our community. With that said, possible uses of COMPASS include: