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Pre-Trial Release Services

Pre-Trial Release Services has two primary functions:

Intake: New arrestees (not bonded since end of last pre-trial shift) are interviewed and bond applications are completed. This information is provided to the Court at the defendant's first appearance for determination of appropriate bond and degree of supervision, if any, needed during the pre-trial process. Pre-trial staff have office space in booking at Larimer County Detention Center to use for interviews and staff work. The current hours are 0500 - 2130 seven days a week, including holidays. Upon completion of training and establishment of bonding criteria, permanent employees will be recognized as Bond Commissioners and will be sworn as Deputy Clerks, with the authority to authorize bonds on certain Misdemeanors and certain Class 3 through Class 6 Felonies (according to a bond schedule approved by the State Supreme Court). This is completed prior to the defendant's first court appearance. This service allows some defendants to bond directly from the jail booking area, not entering into a bed for jail population at all. Pre-trial staff also initiate the Application for Court Appointed Counsel and verify criminal histories from law enforcement records checks and court records. They also complete a Domestic Violence Screening Instrument on all newly arrested Domestic Violence cases for the Court to have available at the Defendant's first appearance.

Pre-trial Supervision: Pre-trial Case Managers monitor the conditions of bond set by the Court, remind the defendant of upcoming court appearances, give direction for the defendant to remain compliant with their conditions of bond, and notify the Court of non-compliance issues. In addition, they may place and monitor different forms of electronic monitoring equipment ordered as a condition of bond, refer defendants for substance abuse monitoring, and provide the Courts with information about defendant compliance with bond conditions. Pre-trial supervision may consist of two levels, each can include a menu of adjunct options: Standard Supervision: Is essentially a court date reminder system. After an initial visit with the Pretrial Case Manager to sign a contract with instructions for the conditions of bond, the Defendant makes a once per week telephone call in to state their name, whether they have any change in residence or employment, and their next court date. Enhanced Supervision: After the initial visit, the defendant will meet, face to face, with the Case Manager a minimum of twice per month and make telephone call-ins three days per week.

Pretrial staff work with individuals who are charged, but there is not yet a finding of guilt. The current offense cannot be discussed with the defendant and Pretrial Staff must not allow the defendant to tell them about the offense. The majority of the work is time sensitive with daily deadlines. Newly arrested defendants may not be pleasant to work with, but are treated professionally at all times. The Pretrial Unit provides a cost effective means of supervising defendants in the community while guiding them to comply with the conditions of their bond and attendance at all Court proceedings.

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