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Structural Design Information

1608.2 Ground Snow Loads. Add the following to this section:

The minimum snow load designs shall be:

Elevation Snow Load
Less than 7,000 feet (2133.6 M) 30 psf
7,000 to 8,000 feet (2133.6 M to 2438.4 M) 40 psf
8,001 to 9,000 feet (2438.7 M to 2743.2 M) 50 psf
9,001 and above (2743.5 M & up) 70 psf

1609.1.1 Determination of wind loads. This section hereby amended to read as follows:

Minimum Design Wind Speed varies between 90-180 ph (3-second gust), Exposure C in open rural areas and Exposure B in protected urban or forest areas. (See our Wind Speed Map and our Larimer Winds Interactive Map)

1612 Flood Loads. Delete the entire section and insert the following:

Flood Plain Overlay Zone Districts established in the Larimer County Land Use Code Section 4.2.2

1615 Earthquake Loads-Site Ground Motion.

Earthquake 0.2 sec spectral response acceleration Ss = 22.5, Site Class B

Earthquake 1.0 sec spectral response acceleration S1 = 7.0, Site Class B

1611.1 Design rain loads.

60-minute duration, 100-year return:

Location Inches/Hour GPM/Square Foot
Fort Collins 2.6 0.027
Loveland 2.66 0.0275

1805.2.1 Frost Protection. Add minimum frost depth.

1. Extending below the frost line of the locality (30 inches minimum).

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