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Environmental Stewardship Awards

Each fall, the Larimer County Environmental & Science Advisory Board and the Larimer County Commissioners recognize environmental efforts of county residents, businesses, organizations and/or agencies by awarding the Environmental Stewardship Awards.

The board looks for individual or group activities that are innovative and proactive, and that demonstrate exceptional effort and concern for the stewardship of the environment. Projects can be either completed one-time efforts or ongoing activities. Both types will be judged on their degree of difficulty and the results they achieve. The Environmental & Science Advisory Board solicits nominations in the summer, reviews them and makes recommendations for awards to the Larimer County Commissioners. A field visit or interview by the advisory board or county commissioners may be conducted prior to making the final awards decision.

Nomination can come from those familiar with the nominee, but self nominations will also be accepted. To be eligible, a project or activity should be completed in 2015, or be a multi-year and on-going project. Nominations must be received no later than September 18, 2015 in the Larimer County Commissioners' Office, 200 W. Oak St., Fort Collins. Only one entry per nominee will be accepted.

Suggestions for possible nominations include:

  • A developer who shows commitment to minimizing environmental impacts above and beyond minimum regulatory requirements.
  • A homeowner who has built within the past year, and who has incorporated environmental sensitivity into the home, inside and/or outside.
  • A small-acreage landowner who exhibits exemplary stewardship toward his or her property.
  • A business that goes beyond regulations to prevent pollution caused by its processes.
  • A business that depends upon extracting natural resources for its products, and that makes every effort to restore beyond minimum regulatory requirements that which has been disturbed.
  • A farmer or rancher who demonstrates environmental stewardship through the use of innovative techniques to enhance the environment.
  • An agency or department within that demonstrates exemplary management of public lands.
  • An educator who is dedicated to instilling within their students respect for the environment in their teachings.
  • A non-profit organization that works unyieldingly for the improvement of Larimer County's environment.

Previous Environmental Stewardship Winners

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