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Requests for Bids and Proposals

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Rocky Mountain Bid System

Larimer County Purchasing posts all Invitations to Bid and Requests for Proposal at Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (RMEPS). There is both a free option and a pay option. Larimer County solicitations published on RMEPS will state "Larimer County" as part of the title.

Posting of current solicitations on this site is merely for public convenience and is not intended to serve as an official source. The County does not assume any responsibility for errors or misinterpretations resulting from the use of incomplete sets of bid documents.

Larimer County Purchasing will not be held responsible for misinformation received from private plan holders. Please use the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System.

Current Bids and Proposals

Due Date Number Title Documents Contact
09/06/2017 B17-19 Replacement of Culvert No. 18-0.4-23E PN 312
The work consists of replacing a failing metal box culvert with a concrete box culvert on County Road 18 at the Handy Ditch southwest of Loveland. Approximately 27 cubic yards of Concrete Class D and 62 linear feet of 20 x 7 Foot Concrete Box Culvert reinforcement are included in the work.
Les Brown, Purchasing Agent
09/07/2017 B17-18 Blue Mountain Floodplain Rehabilitation and Replacement of Stagecoach Trail Bridge over the Little Thompson River
The work consists of reconstruction/rehabilitation of the Little Thompson River for a total of 1,400-ft upstream and 1,300-ft downstream of Stagecoach Trail and replacement of the existing bridge. The bridge will be a 71-foot long single-span structure with concrete abutments and spread footings. The work will also include: removal of debris, excavation and embankment, channel and floodplain grading, road regrading, construction of a concrete-lined overflow, willow cutting and planting and reseeding, boulder/riprap and rootwad placement for bank stabilization and bridge riprap placement.
Les Brown, Purchasing Agent

Past Solicitations

Number Title Award
B17-17 Replacement of the Crown Point Dr. Bridge over the Cache la Poudre River
B17-14 Carter Lake Fuel Site Replacement
B17-13 PN 5022 - South Shore Carter Lake Campground Improvements Award Info
P17-11 Custodial Services
P17-13 Hazardous Structure Demolition & Removal Services
Q17-09 Access-Security System Installation for FFFP
P17-12 Prospect Mountain PER & ER Reports Award Info
B17-16 Concrete and Asphalt Crushing Services Award Info
P17-10 Construction Testing and Inspection Services
B17-15 Hermit Park Trailhead Construction Award Info
Q17-07 Larimer County Workforce Center One-Stop Operator Award Info
P17-08 Tree & Wood Grinding Award Info
P17-09 Elections Ballot Printing-Mailing Award Info
B17-12 Reconstruction of CR 32E from Poudre River Bridge to CR 1, PN 8321 Award Info
B17-11 Purchase & Application of Liquid Dust Suppressant Award Info
P16-18 Sport Light Replacement Project Award Info
P17-07 Pavement Condition Assessment Award Info
B17-01 PN 5000 - Front Range Regional Trail Construction Award Info
B17-04 Sheriff's Office Uniforms & Equipment Award Info
B17-05 Street Sweeping Services Award Info
B17-09 Non-Red/Non-Pink-Tinted Class 5 Aggregate Base Course- Delivered Award Info
P17-06 Benefits Consulting Award Info
P17-05 Broadband Feasibility Study Award Info
B17-08 Sale of Trimble Survey Equipment SN#63321658 Award Info
B17-07 Sale of Trimble Survey Equipment SN#92720242 Award Info
B17-06 PN8500 Smithfield PID Roads Reconstruction Award Info
P17-02 Design for County Satellite Maintenance Shops Award Info
P17-03 Architectural General Services Award Info
B17-03 PN9074 2017 Resurfacing Program Award Info
P17-01 Loveland Building Construction Services Award Info
B17-02 Used School Buses Award Info
P16-23 Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan Award Info
P16-21 Environmental Consultant for Larimer County Landfill Award Info
B16-16 Crystal Lakes Road & Recreation Association (CLRRA) Hazardous Fuels Reduction Program Award Info
P16-22 Regional Wasteshed Planning Study- Phase 2 Award Info
I16-01 Financial System Software Award Info
P16-20 Municipal Advisory Services Award Info
P16-08 Medical Care Guidance/Expert Opinion Services for Employee Health Plan Award Info
P16-17 Budweiser Event Center Club Seating Replacement Award Info
B16-17 PN315 (BRO C060-064) Replacement of Bridge No. LR3-0.2-50 over the Larimer County Canal Award Info
B16-12 WMR/VE Sewer Association Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project Award Info
B16-15 Oil and Lubricant Products Award Info
B16-11 PN 9321 County Road 25E ‘Redstone Canyon’ Flood Recovery Project Award Info
B16-13 Motor Fuels Award Info
P16-10 Jail Medical Provider Award Info
P16-15 Insurance Brokerage Services Award Info
B16-14 Livestock Shavings Award Info
B16-10 Custom-Built Buoy Work Pontoon Boat Award Info
P16-16 Disability and Functional Needs Assessment Award Info
P16-19 RE-SOLICITATION - Payroll System Replacement Award Info
P16-06 Jail Fire Alarm System Award Info
B16-08 PN#9339 - Fish Creek Road Public Infrastructure Project Award Info
P16-11 Comprehensive Plan for Community Development Award Info
P16-13 Project Manager for Property Entitlement Processing Award Info
B16-09 PN#305 Reconstruction of CR 11C From 24E to CR 28 Award Info
P16-12 Senior Transportation Needs Report Award Info
P16-09 Correctional Facility Contract Food Services Award Info
P15-35 Tree Cutting and Clearing Services Award Info
B16-01 West Creek Bridge Repairs - PN9429 Award Info
B16-07 2016 Resurfacing Program Award Info
B16-05 Berthoud Estates Wastewater Treatment Plant Award Info
P16-02 Budget Software Award Info
B16-06 Road Shouldering Materials - Aggregate for Bases Award Info
P16-07 RESOLICITATION of Consultant Services for the Inspire Initiative – “Connecting Youth & Families to the Outdoors” Award Info
P16-04 Non-Paved Road Maintenance Services Award Info
P16-03 On-Demand Graphic Design Services Award Info
B16-04 Non-Red Tinted Riprap and Boulders Award Info
P16-05 Consultant Services for the Inspire Initiative – “Connecting Youth & Families to the Outdoors” Award Info
B16-03 Sales and Use Tax Revenue Note (Animal Facility Project), Series 2016 Award Info
B16-02 RE-BID Trailer Mounted Water Pumps Award Info
P15-42 Fairgrounds and Natural Resources Master Plans Award Info
P15-40 Big Thompson Rain & Stream Gauge Network Award Info
P15-41 Waste Characterization Study Award Info
B15-25 2016 Chip Seal Street Sweeping Services Award Info
B15-24 Crushed Type I and Crushed Type II Cover Coat Aggregate Award Info
P15-37 Retirement Plan Advisory Services Award Info
P16-01 Loveland Property Acquisition Award Info
B15-23 Trailer Mounted Water Pumps Award Info
P15-39 General Construction Services Award Info
P15-34 Polling/Public Opinion Research Services Award Info
P15-36 Geotechnical Consulting & Materials Testing Services Award Info
P15-26 DUI Education Services Award Info
B15-20 PN9432 - Flood Repair at Lions Open Space Award Info
P15-23 River Bluffs Restoration and Resiliency Plan Award Info
P15-30 Resolicitation of Consultant for AP Electronic Payment Implementation in Oracle Award Info
P15-33 Auto Body Repair Award Info
P15-31 Killpecker Radio Tower Project Award Info
P15-20 Horsetooth Reservoir Visitor’s Center and Maintenance Shop Award Info
P15-29 Alternative Agricultural Water Transfer Project Award Info
P15-21 Jail Fire Alarm and Smoke Control Design Services Award Info
B15-22 Reconstruction of CR 29 CR 22H and CR 31D Award Info
B15-21 PN310, Replacement of Bridge No. LR50-0.2-17 over the Larimer and Weld Canal Award Info
P15-28 Humane Society Animal Shelter Award Info
P15-27 Body Scanner Award Info
P15-25 Disaster Recovery and Hazard Mitigation Services Award Info
P15-22 Engineering Design, Surveying, Plan Prep & Construction Management Services Award Info
P15-14 Disaster Debris Removal & Hauling Services Award Info
B15-17 Snow and Ice Removal Services Award Info
P15-24 Law Enforcement Vehicle Award Info
B15-18 2015 Resurfacing Program PN 9069 Award Info
B15-13 Construction Inspections & Materials Laboratory Testing Services Award Info
P15-19 K9 Kennel Construction Award Info
B15-16 Slide-In Water Tanks Award Info
P15-18 Consulting Services for Unmet Needs and Community Fragility Study Award Info
B15-15 Flood Related Asphalt Patching Award Info
B15-12 Fog Seal, Emulsified Gilsonite Sealer/Rejuvenates and Rejuvenates for Asphalt Pavement Award Info
B15-14 HDPE Culvert Liner Award Info
P15-09 Economic Development Asset Assessment Award Info
B15-09 2015 Chip Seal Street Sweeping Services Award Info
B15-11 Polymerized and Rubberized Asphalt Emulsion Award Info
B15-10 Minus One-Half and Minus Three-Eights Inch Cover Aggregate for vendors Award Info
B15-08 Fish Creek Water Association Water Line Project - Local Improvement District (LID) 2013-3 Award Info
P15-10 Auditing Services Award Info
P15-17 Office on Aging - Support Services Award Info
P15-16 Office on Aging - Legal Services Award Info
B15-05 PN9320, Culvert 23-0.15-50E (Mill Creek) Award Info
B15-07 PN 9414 Non-County Maintained Road Repairs - Cedar Park to Estes Park Award Info
P15-15 Office on Aging – Nutrition Services Award Info
P15-12 Non-Paved Road Maintenance Services for the Storm Mountain Public Improvement District - Drake, Colorado Area Award Info
B15-06 Berthoud Estates Wastewater Treatment Facility Award Info
P15-08 Transportation Capital Expansion Fee Plan Study Award Info
P15-13 Office on Aging Grant Funded Services: Transportation Services Award Info
P15-07 Inmate Psychological Services Award Info
P15-03 Video Display Replacement Project at The Ranch Award Info
P15-05 Pharmacy Benefit Manager Award Info
P15-04 Medical Plan Administration Award Info
P15-06 Medical Clinic Management Award Info
P15-01 Public Record and Document Recording Solution Award Info
B15-03 Stacked Card-Operated Washers/Dryers Award Info
B15-04 Corrugated Metal Pipe Award Info
P15-02 Re-Solicitation - Inmate Extradition and Transport Services Award Info
B15-02 Reinforced Concrete Pipe Award Info
P15-37 Retirement Plan Advisory Services Award Info
B15-01 Poudre River Trail from Gateway Trailhead to Stonefly Drive Award Info
B14-29 Emergency Vehicle Accessories Award Info
B14-28 The Pinewood Springs Road & Bridges, Project Numbers 9300, 9329, 9331 Award Info
B14-27 Proj #301, North Shields Street Road & Bridge Improvements Award Info
P14-12 Building Support Equipment Services Award Info
P14-11 Office on Aging - Grant Funded Services Vision Services Award Info
B14-25 Big Thompson River Pedestrian Bridge & Moodie Temporary Crossing Award Info
B14-24 Justice Center, Courthouse, and Jail Security Services Award Info
P14-10 Tax Increment Financing Consulting Services Award Info
B14-22 Video Production System Upgrade at the Ranch Award Info
B14-23 Permanent Road Repairs to September 2013 Flood Damaged sites - Big Thompson Canyon Award Info
B14-19 Pinewood Reservoir Campground Vault Toilets Award Info
P14-04 Miscellaneous Asphalt, Concrete & Construction Services Award Info
B14-21 Work Zone Traffic Control Services Award Info
P14-08 Recyclables Processing and Marketing Services Award Info
B14-10 Permanent Road Repairs to September 2013 Flood Damaged Sites - Estes Park Area Award Info
PPR-01 Request for General Contractor Pre-Qualification Applications Award Info
P14-07 Hazardous Structure Demolition Services At 1722 Hwy 34 In Drake Colorado Award Info
P13-08 Inmate Extraditions & Transport Services Award Info
P14-06 All-Hazard Mitigation Plan Consulting Services Award Info
P14-01 Big Thompson Canyon Recreation & Conservation Assessment Award Info
B14-18 Recycle Center Scale Replacement Project Award Info
B14-20 Pinewood Reservoir Campground Enhancements Award Info
B14-16 2014 Resurfacing Program Award Info
B14-17 Purchase of a Hot Asphalt Tanker Trailer Award Info
B14-15 Trash Removal Services Award Info
B14-14 Purchase of Prepaid Visa or MasterCard cards Award Info
B14-13 Purchase of Polymerized and Rubberized Asphalt Emulsion Award Info
B14-11 Lift Station and Force Main Project at River Glen / Riverside Farm Award Info
B14-09 Reconstruction of County Road 27 Award Info
P14-03 Non-Project Specific Hydrology & Hydraulics Engineering Services Award Info
B14-08 Hermit Park Roadway & Site Repair Award Info
B14-12 Proj. #9242, Buckhorn Rd Temporary Access Award Info
B14-02 Proj #306 Intersection Improvements to LCR 30/11 & LCR30/11C Award Info
B14-07 Sheriff Vehicle Accessories Award Info
B14-06 Purchase of Two Above-Ground Truck Scales Award Info
B14-04 Proj. #288, CR 19 & 72 from CR 70 to CR 21 Award Info
B14-05 Proj #9312, Repair of Bridge No. 17-0.7-2E-A over Little Thompson River Award Info
P13-21 Roberts Ranch Tire Removal Services Award Info
P14-02 Banking Services Award Info
B14-03 2014 Miscellaneous Trucking and Hauling Award Info
B14-01 Eight (8) Cab and Chassis Award Info
P13-19 Inmate Commissary Services Award Info
B13-12 Project #177 Replacement of Bridge #11C-0.7-24E over the Horseshoe/Boyd Spillway Award Info
P13-18 Right-of-way and Easement Acquisition Services Award Info
P13-16 Risk Management Information System Software Award Info
P13-17 Office on Aging - Grant Funded Services to Provide Seniors with Case Management Services Award Info
P13-10 Inmate Medical Services Award Info
P13-15 RE-SOLICITATION of Flood Recovery and Non-Project-Specific Bridge-Roadway Design & Construction Management Consultants Award Info
P13-14 Wastewater Utility Engineering Services - Western Mini Ranches/Vaquero Estates Award Info
P13-13 Monitoring of Flood Debris Removal & Related Services Award Info
P13-12 Flood Debris Removal from the Public Right-of-Way Award Info
B13-14 Sheriff's Department Uniforms & Equipment Award Info
P13-11 Flood Recovery and Non-Project Specific Bridge-Roadway Design and Construction Management Consultants Award Info
P13-09 FEMA Public Assistance/FHWA Consultant Award Info
B13-15 Tree Trimming & Removal Services Award Info
P13-07 Life and Disability Plans Award Info
B13-13 Horsetooth Reservoir South Bay Entrance Improvements Project Award Info
P13-04 Video Visitation Award Info
B13-10 Fleet Lube Truck Award Info
P13-06 Consulting Services for .NET/C# ASPX (Webforms) for In-House Software Development Award Info
B13-11 2013 Resurfacing Program Award Info
B13-09 Work Zone Traffic Control Services Award Info
P13-05 ServiceNow Implementation Services Award Info
B13-08 2013 Chip Seal Street Sweeping Services Award Info
P13-03 Landscaping Services Award Info
B13-06 Minus 3/8" Cover Coat Aggregate Award Info
B13-05 Minus 1/2" Cover Coat Aggregate Award Info
B13-03 Project #304, Turn Lanes at CR 5 and CR 36, and Shoulder Work on CR 5 Award Info
B13-04 Sheriff Vehicle Accessories Award Info
B13-02 Purchase and Application of Liquid Dust Suppressant Award Info
P13-01 Custodial Services Award Info
B13-01 Rehabilitation of Bridge Nos. 52E-0.1-23, 52E-0.2-23 AND 63E-11.8-44H over the Cache la Poudre River Award Info
P13-02 Administration of 401(a) and 457 Plans Award Info
P12-10 Architectural Services Award Info
B12-30 Motor Fuels Award Info
P12-09 County Rd 52E Rist Canyon Culvert Replacement Project Award Info
B12-27 Oil and Lubricant Products Award Info
B12-29 Stop Loss Policy Award Info
P12-08 Project 310, Design Services for Bridge Replacement on CR 50 over the Larimer and Weld Canal Award Info
P12-07 Land Information System Award Info
P12-06 Wastewater Utility Engineering Services - Berthoud Estates Award Info

Expired bids will remain here for 5 year following their due date.

General Information

General questions regarding any of the above requests can be directed to:

Larimer County Purchasing Director
200 W. Oak Street
Suite 4000
Fort Collins, CO 80521
(970) 498-5955

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