Type of Meeting: Administrative Matters
Name of requestor: Laurel Kubin 6004, Karen Crumbaker 6003, Martha Sullins 6006
Department: Extension
Preferred appearance date: 8/23/2011    Time required: 15 min.
Date decision needed: na

Objective: Introduction to Martha Sullins, Extension Regional Specialist (Agriculture & Business Management) and Building Farmer's Program

Situation: Martha Sullins is a regional specialist for agriculture and business management who is located in the Larimer County Extension Office. She and Karen Crumbaker, Larimer County Extension Agent (Agriculture & Natural Resources) are developing the Building Farmer's and Ranchers Program to build economic capacity and success for this aspect of our county's economic infrastructure. Karen and Martha will discuss the program with the Board of Commissioners.

Proposal: na



Requested action: na

Potentially Affected Interest: Agriculture Advisory Board members
Community Supported Agriculture advocates

Level of Public Interest and Participations: minimal

Audio/Visual/Computer Needs: PPT slides will be used