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Killpecker Mountain Communication Site

Larimer County Law Enforcement is proposing a public safety radio facility to be built on Killpecker Mountain. This website will contain information and documents regarding this proposal.

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  • The Board of Larimer County Commissioners today approved up to $1.8 million to cover the cost of constructing and equipping a radio communication facility at the Killpecker site after the County's 2015 budgeted appropriation of $752,000 and any matching grant funds received from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) or other sources have been expended. Larimer County will be presenting a proposal to DOLA for a project grant.


  • US Forest Service - The Final Record of Decision (ROD) for the Middle Bald Area Communication Site is now available online at The selected alternative is Killpecker location.


  • The Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Middle Bald Area Communication Site and Draft Record of Decision is now available online at, which begins the objection period. The project is aimed at improving communication in northwestern portions of Larimer County.




  • Middle Bald Area Communication Site – Draft Environmental Impact Statement Released
  • The United States Forest Service, USFS, has release their Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Middle Bald Area Communication Site. It is available for public review and comment online.


  • The USFS has posted the Middle Bald Scoping report on their web page. This is a new document that summarizes the response to scoping responses.

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