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Larimer County Trivia Game

1. Our current population estimate is a little more than?

a) 1 million
b) 324 thousand
c) 150 thousand

2. The highest elevation point in Larimer County is?

a) Horsetooth Rock
b) Long's Peak
c) Estes Park
d) Hagues Peak

3a. Larimer County's 2016 total budget is:

a) $ 40 million dollars
b) $ 409.6 million dollars
c) $ 4 million dollars

3b. Larimer County's 2016 net operating budget is:

a) $ 25.4 million dollars
b) $ 254.2 million dollars
c) $ 2.54 million dollars

For more information on the total vs. net budget:

4. Larimer County covers 2,640 square miles making us the 9th largest county in Colorado. Including conservation easements, how many acres of land has been protected in Larimer County since the Larimer County Open Lands Program began in January of 1996?

a) 450 acres
b) 44,300 acres
c) 14,000 acres

5. Thousands of people in Larimer County work for local public-sector employers such as schools, cities, towns and Larimer County government. Larimer County is #5 in number of employees, how many people do you think work for Larimer County Government?

a. Colorado State University - most employees
b. Poudre School District #2
c. Thompson School District #3
d. Fort Collins #4
e. Larimer County Government #5(????)
f. Loveland #6
g. Front Range Community College #7

6. There are 10 county-wide elected officials in Larimer County, what are their titles?

7. There are 5 incorporated cities/towns wholly in Larimer County and 3 that are partially in Larimer County. Can you name all eight? (incorporated means they have their own city/town government).

8. Which two of these services does Larimer County not provide:

  1. Landfill
  2. Child Welfare
  3. Septic Tank Inspections
  4. Road Maintenance
  5. Restaurant inspections
  6. Food Stamps
  7. Marriage Licenses
  8. Probation services
  9. Purchase burial plots
  10. Job training
  11. Fighting Forest Fires
  12. Run Elections
  13. Screen juvenile offenders
  14. Autopsies
  15. Victims assistance program
  16. County Fair
  17. Track infectious disease
  18. Maternity assistance
  19. Potable Water Quality programs
  20. Community-wide recycling
  21. Cable TV supervision
  22. Noxious weed control
  23. Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
  24. Jail operations
  25. Foster Care Coordination
  26. Veteran's Services
  27. Airports
  28. Birth and Death Certificates
  29. County Seats for a Day
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