Ovations Food Services is a subsidiary of Comcast-Spectator, a world class food service company, and the official food service company for The Ranch Events Complex. We are a company whose purpose is to deliver fresh food and beverage with exceptional services to public assembly facilities throughout the Ranch Events Complex. We are recognized for our attention to outstanding quality service, consistently providing record breaking per capita spending, and as the only national food services company in which the principals work directly with facility managers.

Ovations is the only national company providing food services to exposition centers, county and state fairgrounds, where the facility manager works directly with the Director of the facilities. This personal approach to service has ingratiated Ovations with the management of the venues we serve. You can expect improved productivity and greater fiscal returns unparalleled in this type of operation.

Our goal is to deliver fresh food and beverages with exceptional service at each and every event. When we can inspire the guests to seek out our food because it is deliciously fresh and value portioned, keep the lines moving quickly so that guests can enjoy the entire event, and have their guests desire more of the wonderful food at catered affairs, we know we've created an exceptional dining experience.