Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Red Mountain Open Space

Red Mountain Open Space is open to the public for the spring, summer, and fall months.

The Management Plan for Red Mountain Open Space requires closures to the public December 1 to March 1 because of winter weather changes and the wildlife requirements.

Deep crimson and tan rocks, rolling grasslands, and sandy washes await you at Red Mountain Open Space, an almost 15,000-acre open space in northeastern Colorado. From the trailhead, hikers, bikers, and horseback riders can take off on over 15 miles of multi-use trails. Then, they can access the trails in two adjacent protected areas that are part of a much larger vision — the Laramie Foothills Mountains to Plains Project — which protects over 55,000 acres of ecologically and culturally diverse landscape.

Some of the first humans in North America resided here over 12,000 years ago, and people have lived and worked this land since. Out of respect for these cultures, collection of any artifact is strictly prohibited. It is up to each of us to help preserve the ecological and cultural integrity of this area.

Red Mountain Open Space has no entrance fee and is open dawn to dusk, March through November. The trailhead is on County Road 21, just 25 miles north of Fort Collins.

General Regulations

For specifics, ask a ranger for a copy of the regulations brochure.
  • You are responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules of this open space.
  • Share the trail – foot travel, non-motorized bikes, and horses are welcome on designated trails.
  • Groups using the trails at Red Mountain Open Space may not exceed 12 heartbeats without a special events permit from Larimer County Natural Resources. That is no more than 12 people or six horses and riders without a permit. See permitting instructions
  • Prevent trail conflict – bikers yield to hikers and horses; hikers yield to horses.
  • Please leave your dog at home. This is a dog free open space.
  • Please pack out all trash.
  • Stay on designated trails at all times. Staying on trails prevents resource damage, erosion and wildlife conflict.
  • Do not camp or build fires of any kind.
  • No hunting – except by special permit.
  • Please do not remove rocks, plants or cultural artifacts.
  • No public access December through February. The area is closed seasonally due to sensitive wintering range for large mammals and low recreational opportunities.
  • Day use only – the open space trails and trailhead are closed from sunset to sunrise.
  • A special use permit is required for any group use and special activities.


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Management Plan

Tips and Information

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